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Welcome to the Otsego Lake Association

Our Mission

The Mission of the Otsego Lake Association is to support and further the implementation of the "Plan for the Management of the Otsego Lake Watershed" issued in 2002.  (updated 2007)

Recent News

NEW Boat Transport Law Awaiting Implementing Regulations
           We celebrated, on Sept 2, 2014, when Governor Cuomo signed the new Aquatic Invasive Species spread prevention bill. The new law differs from previous regulations in that it applies to "all public waters", not just NYSDEC waters and requires boats and floating docks be cleaned prior to launch. A copy of the law is posted here. NYSDEC didn’t know how the bill might look when passed or if the bill would be signed and, so, did not have implementing regulations prepared. The new law is for launching only and differs from existing DEC regulations. DEC is currently developing draft regulations to implement the new law. The new regulations will contain “a suite of spread prevention actions that watercraft operators can take before launching. They will be released for public comment, likely in early summer, and are expected to take effect in the fall.” OLA has obtained permission from the Village of Cooperstown to build a steam cleaning station in Lake Front Park to help implement the new law on Otsego Lake.

          Board of Directors winter meeting. Things are really coming together for 2015. The annual meeting is Saturday August 8th, 201 at the Otsego Golf Club on the north end of Otsego Lake. Another fun filled boat parade will be on Saturday July 4th, 2015. Be on the lookout for new publications and new projects that help protect the lake. Click events to find out more about the boat parade and annual meeting.

          Ommengang Brewery generously donated $2,000 to OLA to help fund the volunteer dive team. The volunteer dive team is responsible for maintaining the no wake buoys on Otsego Lake.

Upcoming Events

Invasive Species Training
Buffer Strip Maintenance
Annual Boat Parade
Otsego Lakes Festival
Annual Meeting

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